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With these Icons, Handiscover helps you find accommodations that really suit your needs.

You can walk and can handle going up a few stairs.

The accommodation is not fully accessible, and requires a maximum of 15 steps (1 floor up) to reach it or to manoeuvre within it.

You can only handle one step at a time.

The accommodation is quite accessible but not up to our highest accessibility standards. It can suit for example wheelchair users able to climb a stair/threshold of up to 15 cm (6 inches) at a time. See detailed accessibility description in respective ad to make your decision.

You need a fully accessible accommodation.

The accommodation has accessible bathrooms and toilets, as well as wide door widths. You will not face more than eventual small thresholds of a maximum of 3 cm (1 inch), and the accommodation will accommodate wheelchair users. See detailed accessibility description in respective ad to make your decision.

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