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Du kan holde til et skridt ad gangen (skridt af maks 15 cm). Inkvarteringen er helt tilgængeligt, og passer perfekt til kørestolsbrugere.
Du kan holde til et skridt ad gangen (skridt af maks 15 cm). Inkvarteringen er helt tilgængeligt, og passer perfekt til kørestolsbrugere.

Hotel Kukuriku - Værelse (Hotell, B&B)

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Privat handicapparkering

Easy access

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Bredt badeværelse med badekar



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Concierge service

Concierge Service


Grundlæggende ejendomsoplysninger

Entire house
Værelse (Hotell, B&B)
2 Gæster
1 Seng
1 Badeværelse(r)
  • Indkvarteringstype:Værelse (Hotell, B&B)
  • Parking:Privat handicapparkering
  • Maks antal gæster:2 Gæster
  • Antal gæster inklusiv i prisen:2
  • Badeværelse(r):1
  • Seng(e):1
  • Soveværelse(r):1
  • Toilet:Toilet med støtte på 1 side (f.eks. en væg)
  • Køkken:Intet køkken
  • Afbestillingsregler:Moderat


Our boutique hotel has 16 rooms, of which four are located on the ground floor, without stairs, only a small tresholds at the entrance to the room. You will find our spacious indoors area as well as the interior of our rooms and bathrooms highlly comfortable. In the middle of Kastav, on the Lokvina square, the gourmet restaurant and boutique hotel Kukuriku is situated. Your pleasure is our main goal. This hedonistic destination was our main guiding line in the choice of the hotel equipment and the creation of the restaurant menu. Each room will welcome you with different design furniture and with a carefully planned atmosphere of light design. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we have also created for you special bedding, warm as the best cotton and of the touch of silk, so you can quietly fall in the land of dreams while our dreams also come true: your pleasure. We will surprise your taste buds with a distinctive eno-gastro offer of the Kukuriku gourmet restaurant. The delicacies created with an avant-garde approach and the perspicuity of the main creator Nenad Kukurin, are established on more than 40 years of tradition of the Kukuriku family restaurant. His characteristic style and artistic approach towards the culture of the table has determined much of the todays accepted guidelines in gastronomy and of the sometimes unexpected tandem of food and drinks. Among the numerous prizes and recognitions that he gained with his work, Nenad admits that his biggest joy is to see the pleasure on the faces of the guests to which he himself prepares and serves his creations. Settled not even 6 km from the sea, at 360m of altitude, in a moderate Mediterranean climate, you will enjoy relaxation and the offer of the delicacies of our restaurant, unobstructed by the summer heath or the winter cold. Our prices include breakfast and are based on 2 people. Prices vary according to the month of the year: September-May: Euro 170 per night, June: Euro 190 per night, July-August: Euro 240 per night.


The town of Kastav has always been rightly proud of its cultural heritage. Every new generation has added some new stone to the mosaic of cultural heritage and has preserved its own historical and cultural monuments and the tradition. The cultural manifestations are even today the main characteristic of the town and especially the well-developed musical tradition. The Kastafsko kulturno leto (The cultural summer of Kastav), established in 1992, and the Festival of the guitar, which is held with extreme success since 1997, are among the best summer manifestations of the region and represent a model which has been followed in the creation of numerous other festivals in the country. Check out the Kastav Blues Festival 2015 at Kastav is located 10 km nortwest of Rijeka, the third largest city in Croatia. Rijeka´s airport is offers flights to most European cities. On the northwest, Kastav is located 5 km from Opatija, an elegant coastal town established during the Austrian-Hungarian Empire era. During these times, it was used by the aristocracy as a welness destination due to its mild climate and thermal waters. Today it offers beaches, night life, cultural events, wellness and sports activities.


Air Condition
Hair dryer in every room
Internet access available


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