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A Wheelchair Accessible Guide to Corsica, France

Wheelchair Accessible Corsica, France

Wheelchair accessible Corsica is one of the favourite destinations of the French people. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, the climate is pleasant for a good part of the year. Corsica has many experiences between the sea and mountains. It offers all visitors magnificent landscapes. Here is a wheelchair accessible guide to Corsica where you will find lots of information about the different accessible sites in Corsica.


The Ajaccien Country

Napoleon’s birthplace, Ajaccio is a city steeped in history and traditions. With its colourful buildings and Mediterranean style, it can be very interesting to start your journey by visiting the old town. As for the accessibility of the streets, some sidewalks may prove to be in poor condition. But the city centre is generally passable and does not pose a problem.


The Napoleon Museum of Ajaccio

Also called the National Museum of the Maison Bonaparte, this building was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. The visit will delight all those who are passionate about French history. However, the entire museum is not accessible to people with reduced mobility. It is only possible to visit the ground floor and part of the first floor as well as the temporary exhibition.


Accessible Activities in Bonifacio

Located in the south of Wheelchair accessible Corsica, it shares a strait with Italian Sardinia called Les Bouches de Bonifacio. Les Bouches is also home to an immense natural park, one of the largest in France. In this guide, we recommend many beaches because Corsica beaches are all worthy of a paradise island with the facilities accessible to people with reduced mobility as a bonus. For example, Balistra beach is a piece of heaven on earth. A magnificent lagoon precedes it and offers a breathtaking drone view. In addition, this beach also has facilities accessible to people with reduced mobility. It offers an access mat to the sea as well as the loan of an amphibious chair for you to swim safely in the Mediterranean.


Wheelchair Accessible Corsica, Balistra Beach


Discover all the facets of Wheelchair accessible Corsica and also immerse yourself in the heights of the islands. U Porcu Ranger offers a wonderful buggy ride through the mountains and a black pig farm. It also has the necessary safety equipment to accommodate people with reduced mobility. You will find all the information to contact them on the Bonifacio tourist office website or by clicking directly here.


Porto Vecchio

Between sea and mountains, Porto-Vecchio has an exceptional heritage and grandiose landscapes. Dominated by its citadel, the old town can be difficult in a wheelchair, however, the tourist office makes every effort to make arrangements for people with reduced mobility. One of the flagship activities around Porto Vecchio is its magnificent beaches with clear waters and rich in extraordinary fauna. Some of the beaches in the city and in Corsica are accessible to people with reduced mobility with carpets and water shots. You can find its facilities at the beaches of Palombaggia, Santa Giulia And Lecci.


Getting around Porto Vecchio in a Wheelchair

A Citadina is a simple means of transport set up in Vecchio. It is an electric shuttle that circulates in the city. This vehicle has a retractable pallet to accommodate wheelchairs and specific locations. Find more information on the line and schedule here. The buses are also equipped with electric ramps and are also a way of getting around wheelchair accessible Corsica.


Accessible Accommodations

If you are planning to visit wheelchair accessible Corsica or any other city in France or elsewhere in the world, it is important to choose the accommodation that matches your needs. Handiscover has put together a wide selection of fully accessible verified hotels and apartments for you. You will also find a great choice of prices among the thousands of accommodations offered. Book the accommodation that suits your needs today with Handiscover! For any additional information or for any special requests, contact us via email our customer service, PMR and accessibility expert at: or by phone: +44 1550 400022 (UK)


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