Bangkok accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Bangkok

Accessible holiday rentals Bangkok – Thailand is a sprawling capital city that is awash in colour and beauty. Golden temples are abundant and the people friendly and accommodating. Many hotels cater to those with disabilities and are wheelchair friendly.

Getting around Bangkok with reduced mobility

Bangkok has a wide variety of transit options available that can help those with a disability or are using a wheelchair. Many buses and taxis can accommodate those who require equipment to be shuttled around. There is an airport rail link that has very good facilities for disabled travellers. You will also find that facilities including bathrooms feature braille and are accessible to those using wheelchairs.

Finding the best accommodations including hotels and apartments

Being as large a city as it is, Bangkok is chock full of a range of welcoming and able accommodations. Many hotels feature elevators and ramps and have staff who can help with special requests when necessary. It is even possible for them to help find additional assistants or special tours that cater to those with disability. Ensure that your holiday vacation rental can meet your needs by calling and securing accommodation in advance.

Enjoy the amazing attractions in Thailand with superior accessibility

While many attractions do feature not only adequate but excellent serving facilities, others may be non-existent. You always have the option of hiring a guide, which can help make your vacation the most it can be no matter what your level of mobility.