Benidorm accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Benidorm

Dazzling modern high rises, vibrant night life, and world-class shopping await you in the Benidorm resort area. Ride thrilling roller coasters, dine on exquisite cuisine or simply relax in one the 5-star spas. Experience all this compact city has to offer with Accessible Holiday Rentals Benidorm from Handiscover! Let us make sure you have the worry-free accommodations you deserve!

Things to Do in Benidorm

Benidorm Palace

Get a taste of the glittering lights of Vegas, in this over-the-top cabaret show and dinner theater. Watch as fantastically costumed dancers perform in this ornate theater then dine on an elegant Mediterranean dinner. All meals include traditional sparkling Cava wine for an even more indulgent experience.

Terra Mitica

Thrill seekers rejoice! Explore this vibrant theme park not only for thrilling rides but a huge variety of foods and cultural sights. Divided into 7 regions, the park represents 7 different cultures including Greece, Iberia, and Egypt. As a result, there are not only amazing rides but also incredible restaurants.

Charter a Yacht

Take a break from amusements and night life, and set sail for a relaxing yacht excursion. Charter your yacht from Yacht Charter and Sailing, one of the largest yacht companies in the world. While on the yacht you can tour the waters, enjoy sunbathing and stop at various ports for shopping and dining.

Accessible Accommodations Benidorm

Benidorm is made for fun and sun vacations and the accommodations reflect that. Choose from our accessibility levels then let us guide you to a modern, resort apartment. We also have rentals just outside the resort for quieter, beachfront stays.

How to Get Around Benidorm

Because of the compact layout of the city, it is fairly easy to go by foot. Or, rent a mobility scooter from one of the vendors outside the Wednesday/Sunday market. When walking or a scooter isn’t convenient, there is also a reliable bus system that runs until midnight.