Gran Canaria accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Gran Canaria

Known as “The Continent in Miniature,” this island is packed with diverse cultures, foods and attractions. Come here for a beach vacation, a culinary tour and to take in the architecture and beautiful flora. Before planning all the things you’ll see book an Accessible Holiday Rentals Gran Canaria with Handiscover to ensure you get the comfort and ease you deserve in a vacation rental.

Things to do in Gran Canaria

Palmitos Park

Visit this natural location to see all the exotic plants and animals the island has to offer. Watch as majestic dolphins swim in 3 different pools then interact with the tropical birds in their natural habitat. Continue on to interact with the tropical birds in their natural habitat and take in the stunning House of Orchids and Cactus Gardens.

Scuba Diving

Gran Canaria offers one of the best scuba diving experiences in all of Europe. Dive in to see the awe-inspiring variety of sea life. Specialty diving programs can assist those with mobility issues to get the most out of this amazing experience.

Jardín Botánico Viera y Clavijo: El Jardín (Botanical Garden)

27 acres of land and over 500 species of plant await you in this scenic attraction good for all ages. Meander through the grounds to see a cactus garden, Laurel-Leaved Forest and then the Fountain of the Wisemen.

Disabled Accommodations Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria’s rental options are as diverse as the rest of the island. Stay in rustic self-catering apartments, modern rooms or large homes suitable for many guests. Choose the level of access you require then let Handiscover help you discover the right vacation rental for you!

How to Get Around Gran Canaria

Take public transportation for an affordable and well-organized mode of transportation. Then, to get to other islands you can take the ferry. Rental cars are also available though no trains or trams are on the island.