Cannes accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays


Considered to be a social and cultural heart of Europe, you can experience this glamorous seaside town with accessible Holiday Rentals Cannes. Book with Handiscover to enjoy a rental right in the centre of this city. From exclusive yacht tours over blue waters to elegant cuisine at every meal, Cannes is a true luxury destination.

Things to do in Cannes

Bespoke Yacht Tour

With glorious waters abounding around Cannes, a yacht tour is one of the best ways to see the city. Choose a Bespoke tour for the ultimate superyacht experience which can include gourmet dining, entertainment, and lush seating as you sail.

Forville  Market

Situated on one of the best gourmand streets, this market offers a multitude of culinary delights and sights for all travellers. Shop for fresh fish, artisan cheeses and more to prepare a gourmet meal yourself. While there you can also sample ready-made treats and rub elbows with seasoned chefs as they select the finest products.

Tour du Masque

Both history and literature lovers will enjoy this popular attraction. Retrace the legendary steps of this tower to see where the “man in the iron mask” escaped to after his imprisonment. Watch closely and you may even still see his ghost here!

Best Accessible Accommodations Cannes

Gorgeous seaside rentals await with breathtaking views and posh accommodations. Simply choose the level of access you require then let Handiscover show you all the incredible options for your stay. Depend on our commitment to your comfort to ensure you get the holiday you deserve.

How to Get Around Cannes

Cannes is often most easily navigated by foot, however bus transportation is also convenient and will get you to nearby La Bocca, Mandelieu-La Napoule and Le Cannet. Taxis and rental cars are also available.