Antalya accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Antalya

It’s time to expand your horizons, and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean are calling your name. The Turkish city of accessible holiday rentals Antalya is the perfect location to spend your next holidays. Its rich history and natural beauty will not disappoint

Accessible Activities for Everyone

Antalya offers something for everyone. The scenery of the growing city will take your breath away, as water surrounds the city on three sides. Choose from a wide selection of outdoor activities or find a relaxing beach to enjoy. As many civilizations have used the city as a port due to its location on the Mediterranean Sea, its unique history is sure to intrigue you. Every visitor’s itinerary should include the much raved about Antalya Archaeological Museum, but make sure to allow for adequate time to really explore its interesting exhibits. The museum is wheelchair friendly, so that everyone can enjoy their visit. Also, plan to tour around old town Antalya and the harbor in order to see Antalya’s unique mix of Roman and modern Turkish architecture.

Wheelchair Friendly Vacation Rentals

When you need a break from exploring, relax at one of Antalya’s accessible apartments or hotels. We know that just hoping your accommodation will work is not an option for many disabled travelers. This is why we have found several hotels and apartments in Antalya with accessibility for all guests. Take a look at our large selection of disability friendly holiday rentals for a wide range of budgets. There are many accessible hotels and apartments available to fit your individual needs, so there is no need to wait. You can start planning your dream trip today.