Auckland accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Auckland

Accessible holiday rentals Auckland, New Zealand is hands down one of the most wonderful cities to visit in the world. From the city you are only a short drive away from discovering some of the most beautiful landscape the world has to offer. The coastline is magnificent, but the mountains and rainforests also offer up their own incredible views. Everyone should have the ability to travel and experience the joy of discovering a new place, and what better place to go than the City of Sails.

Accessible Hotels and Apartments

We desire to make your travel as easy as possible by offering a wide assortment of accessible vacation rentals. Our hotels and apartments all cater to the disabled and have wheelchair access. Choose an accommodation from a number of different locations and price ranges. Finding the perfect place to meet your accessibility needs, allows you to focus on actually enjoying your holidays. And when traveling in Auckland, there is much to enjoy.

Discover Auckland

There are some places that you could visit multiple times and still have more to discover, and Auckland is certainly one of those destinations. Auckland has four distinct wine regions, so be sure to enjoy one its many wineries. Also, unique to Auckland are its 28 volcano cones. Take a tour by land, water or even air to discover their natural beauty. And of course, don’t forget to check out Auckland Harbour Bridge, where many a thrill-seeker bungee jumps off the only ocean touch jump in New Zealand.

Disability Friendly Travel

With so much to offer, Auckland is sure to become one of your favorite travel destinations. Don’t let the fear of finding a disability friendly accommodation stop you, instead check out our accessible holiday rentals today.