Christchurch accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Christchurch

It’s time for you to escape on a new adventure, and accessible holiday rentals Christchurch is a wonderful choice for your next holidays. Located on New Zealand’s South Island, the city is continually ranked as a favorite on travel lists. The landscape is beautiful with two scenic rivers crossing the city, and there is so much to do and see that it is no wonder it’s placed so high out of must-see destinations.

Accessible Apartments and Hotels

The key to a great travel experience begins with finding the right vacation rental. You are sure to find the best accommodation for your needs by looking through our listings. We have vacation rentals throughout the city, and all of our disability friendly hotels and apartments offer wheelchair access. We also have a mix of price points to better help you meet your budget. Your holidays should be spent comfortably, and our accessible holiday rentals help your whole group feel at ease during your travels.

Disability Friendly Activities

While in Christchurch, there are many activities for everyone in your group to enjoy. Accessibility is not a big issue within the city itself and getting around should not be a problem. The Christchurch Botanic Gardens, established in 1863, are a must see. The gardens feature several relaxing paths and are a great way to see both native and exotic flora. The city is also home to the International Antarctic Center. The fun museum helps you learn more about life in the South Pole. Also, be sure to grab lunch at one of the many cafes around the famous Sumner Beach.

Christchurch Vacation Rentals

Everyone should experience this vibrant city. Our hotels and apartments cater to the disabled traveler. Find your perfect match today.