Guangzhou accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

Guangzhou Holidays

Now is the time to get away and discover an exciting new city. The Chinese city of Guangzhou is just that and the perfect destination for you next holidays. Located northwest of Hong Kong, the popular city happens to be China’s busiest port and the third-largest city in the country. Its rich history and prime location give it a diverse and unique flair.

Disability Friendly Vacation Rentals

Travel to the city has never been easier. We offer a wide selection of accessible hotels and apartments in amazing locations throughout the city. All of our holiday rentals offer wheelchair access and are at a variety of price points, so you are sure to find the best accommodation for you.

What to Do in Guangzhou

The city offers an impressive skyline, and there is perhaps no better place to view it than from Canton Tower. The building stands as the tallest TV tower in the world and features an observation deck for amazing views. You can also see the third biggest river in China, the Pearl River, as it flows through the city. Many visitors love taking one of the many river cruises for a different perspective of Guangzhou. Shamian Island is also a must-see. The neighborhood is more relaxed than the city itself and historically was the home to foreign merchants who lived along its tree-lined streets. Today, it’s a great area for shopping and dining.

Accessible Hotels and Apartments


For the disabled traveler, accessibility is the key to enjoyment during any holiday. This is why we focus on finding the most accessible holiday rentals in the city. We know that not every traveler has the same needs, so we are happy to help everyone find the best fit for them.