Guilin accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Guilin

Located in south China, Guilin is considered to be the pearl of the China’s travel industry. With exotic and dramatic landscapes, almost everywhere you look you will find terrific landmarks, mountains, rivers and more. It is the stuff of dreams and sure to provide visitors with amazing memories to take home and cherish forever. In particular, it is known for its strangely shaped hills erupting from the earth, heavily dressed in green vegetation. These are surrounded by clear, sparkling waters. For those travelling with a disability, Guilin is rather compact city, which increases the ease of getting around.

The best transportation in Guilin for those in a wheelchair or with a disability

Since the 2008 Olympics, great modifications and progress have been made in China to increase mobility for those with a disability. There is a selection of wonderful tour operators that specialize in accommodating travelers in a wheelchair or other disability. They can handle all arrangements so that guests can focus on the amazing surroundings.

The best accommodations in Guilin for those traveling with a disability

Many hotels and apartments have easy wheelchair access in at least a part of the building with dedicated rooms that feature spacious bathrooms which can accommodate a wheelchair in the bathroom. You will find a number of hotels, both modern and traditional, which have rooms in a range of budget and size, making it easy for everyone to find accommodations that best match their needs.