Hanoi accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has in years past faced war and poor government but today has risen from tragedy and is dusting itself off to reveal wonderful centuries-old architecture and a unique mix of rich culture featuring Asian, Chinese and French influences. Because of this influx of culture and wealth Accessible Holiday Rentals Hanoi are becoming easier to find. In the heart of Hanoi lies the Old Quarter, with streets that are loosely divided by separate trades. Along the way when you travel with Hanoi you will discover small temples in between the chaotic street markets and food scenes. The mix of cuisines alone has brought many visitors here and is something that can be enjoyed by most travellers along with the amazing scenery and landscape. A truly unique destination, Hanoi is definitely worth a visit when you are up for something special.

Getting around Hanoi with a disability

Hanoi is not known for being the easiest city to traverse. People often hang out directly on the sidewalks and others are forced to often go in the street in order to get around. Often it is difficult to find ramps further increasing mobility. With this in mind it is possible to get around but finding good local assistance is strongly recommended. People are also usually friendly and accommodating, which in many ways is more valuable than having the most cutting edge technology under your command.

Finding the best access friendly accommodations in Hanoi

You will find that some hotels and apartments offer accessibility options to travellers with limited mobility. You can find ground floor hotels and apartments that offer short and long term rentals and are usually very well priced. It is strongly advised to book as far in advance as possible in order to choose from the greatest selection.