Kiev accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Kiev

Accessible holiday rentals Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. It is well known for its religious architecture and substantial collection of gold artifacts. Ukrainians are known to be very proud of their capital city, which at an unofficial count of upwards of 4 million people, is a bustling city filled with human endeavor and Ukrainian culture. Split by the Dnieper River, travelers to Kiev will be amazed at the number of secular monuments that are displayed all over the city.

Getting around Kiev with a disability

You will find that it is quite easy to be mobile in Kiev with some attention paid to detail. From the airport you can use a bus or hire a car or taxi in advance. You can also take your chances by ordering one when you arrive but it may take longer than usual in order to send a vehicle that can transport visitors using a wheelchair, electric scooter or other disability equipment

Where to find the best access friendly accommodations in Kiev

For guests with special needs there are a select group of accommodations that feature full accessibility including showers that have a pull down chair. These establishments can also accommodate electric wheelchairs. The most attractive area in the city features views of the Dnieper River. While getting around can be challenging in the older area it is filled with many interesting attractions within close proximity of each other.