Mecca accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Mecca

Accessible holiday rentals Mecca, also called Makkah, is located in western Saudi Arabia. Mecca is most notably known as the holiest city in Islam. In addition, it is known as the birthplace of Muhammad. It is strictly forbidden for Non-Muslims to enter Mecca. All travellers should also note that this regulation is strongly enforced. The only area that non- Muslims may visit is the bus terminal. If you are however Muslim and wanting to visit Mecca, the city is most welcoming to travellers, (who are in fact strongly encouraged to make the journey if they are physically and financially able to do so). Mecca has a very large sacred mosque that gets very crowded during worship times since it is a favoured place for religious believers to worship.

Getting around Mecca with a disability

If you are allowed access into Mecca you will find that there are many services that can assist you if you are using a wheelchair. It is possible to find and rent a wheelchair in numerous places including hotels, on the streets and at the pharmacy. Often you will just need your ID to be able to gain use of one. There are also guides for hire so that travellers with a disability can get around easily and safely in order to see all the exciting attractions Mecca has to offer.

Which accommodations are accessible friendly in Mecca

You will find many accommodations are access friendly to those with a disability or using a wheelchair. You can call these hotels, apartments and residences to confirm accessibility. It is strongly recommended to plan your trip well in advance in order to secure the best accommodations available, especially during special worship months.