Moscow accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Moscow

Accessible Holiday Rentals Moscow – Being its largest city as well as Russia’s capital ensures that you will enjoy a wide variety of choices and services. Featuring almost 17 million people in the city and surrounding area, this city is remaking itself every day, improving on the past and looking towards a more modern and inclusive future.

Getting around Moscow with a wheelchair or disability

Almost half of the buses in Moscow have a low step and are wheelchair accessible. Pair that with the fact that a third of trams are disability friendly, and you will see that getting around Moscow is easily possible. For spots that do not align easily with public transportation, wheelchair accessible taxis are available at good prices. In fact, as of this writing there is a ‘social taxi’ service that offers discounted rates. They should be reserved at least one day in advance due to the popularity.

Find the perfect holiday rental or hotel in Moscow

Looking for the perfect Moscow holiday getaway that offers suitable accessibility? Look no further. There is a wide choice of accommodations that fit every budget and party size, whether you are looking for something small, traditional and charming, or modern and sleek.

Tourism and Sightseeing in Moscow for disabled persons

Most of the main tourist spots in Moscow are accessible to tourists with disabilities. These include Red Square, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, The Kremlin museum complex, Bolshoi Theatre and many more. In fact, often there is a reduction in price admission to many of these attractions so check ahead to take advantage!