Nairobi accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Nairobi

Nairobi is the buzzing capital of Kenya. It is a world class city with a large international population. For first time travellers to Nairobi they can expect to enter a colourful and dynamic city that has some incredible cuisine alongside great theatre, music and culture. And not too far out of the city are some wild animals and safari that draw millions of travellers, those with and without a disability, camera in tow, to catch a glimpse of some of the most regal and exotic creatures on earth.

Getting around Nairobi with a disability

Nairobi Airport is moderately accessible for those who are using wheelchair or have another type of disability. JKIA Airport also has facilities that can aid travellers with specific requirements. It is strongly advised to check first with your airline before travel to ensure getting around with the utmost ease.

Getting the best accessibility friendly hotels and apartments in Nairobi

Nairobi has a range of accessibility friendly accommodations that are offered in a range of prices. Generally speaking those which cost a bit more also offer a fuller range of amenities including fully accessible bathrooms, lifts and extra staff that can assist guests with disabilities or guests using a wheelchair most efficiently.

Going on safari with a disability

There is a selection of capable organisation and tour operators who can handle all aspects of travelling with a disability to ensure they have a great safari experience. Check resources online to discover which ones best suit your requirements.