Pembrokeshire accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

This is home to many communes and organic farms. This area is a combination of farmland and coastal community. The Welsh are British and consider it offensive to be referred to as English. They are just one of many countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Top 3 accessible activities in Pembrokeshire

Celtic Quest Coasteering

Celtic Quest can tailor all their daredevil activities to fit your needs. Be a part of the experience, not just a bystander. Plan so they know to prepare the event for your group. They offer something for everyone. Everyone deserves an adventure.

Folly Farm

Explore the rich heritage agriculture plays in Pembrokeshire while having fun. You will meet friendly farm animals. You can feed Penguins. There is also an old fairground ride. Almost all this park is wheelchair accessible, just watch for some muddy areas.

Pembrokeshire National Park

The information centre houses an art gallery. The building itself is a work of art. The centre is accessible to those with a disability. There is even an audio guide available. Created in 1952 it is the UK’s only coastal national park. There are many activities to do here. You will meet various seabirds and animals on this coastal journey.

Accessible Holiday Rentals Pembrokeshire

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Train service is available in this area of Wales. There are buses and as always taxis. There is an organization, PACTO, that provides special rates for renting Minibuses. This is easier for groups travelling in Pembrokeshire. Travellers with disabilities should find options that fit their needs without issue.