Phuket accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Phuket

Accessible holiday rentals Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and also perhaps its most popular. It is a great draw for travellers from around the world who are lured to its paradise by its beaches and easy lifestyle. It attracts backpackers, students, retirees, families, solo travellers and those seeking a peaceful and simple existence. Because of this, Phuket has made efforts to ensure that everyone, no matter their level of mobility, is offered the opportunity to partake in its many holiday attractions. You will find a number of respectable outfits who can enable holidaymakers to have a terrific holiday experience in Phuket Thailand.

Getting around Phuket

It is easy to get from the airport to any of the many villages dotting the perimeter of the 48 km long island. Simply engage a car service, taxi or other transport service. Call in advance if you are using a wheelchair or have another disability which may affect access. There are vehicles with electric ramps and hydraulics that lift those in a wheelchair up safely and efficiently.

The best places in Phuket that are access friendly

You can choose from a great number of beachfront accommodations that offer full or partial access. Often these are situated on ground level so a lift is not necessary. Phuket has a fantastic selection of hotels and apartments that offer long and short term rentals for your holiday. If you are travelling with a disability call in advance to ensure that all information is up to date.