Riyadh accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Riyadh

Accessible holiday rentals Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s glittering capital and main financial hub. It features some of the most modern and expensive architecture and skyscrapers anywhere in the world. Some of Riyadh’s skyscrapers literally tower over the city and look almost unreal. When visiting Riyadh you can see castles, tour the desert and stay in luxury accommodations. Do plan to be prepared for some serious heat. It is important to stay hydrated when visiting such hot climates.

Getting around Riyadh with a disability

From the airport you can reserve a car or taxi to your accommodations. You can call ahead to ensure that your car and driver are equipped to meet your needs if you are travelling with a wheelchair or other disability. There are also services that are dedicated to assisting those with special requirements. They can be reserved for use during the length of your stay.

Find the best accessibility friendly hotels and apartments in Riyadh

With all of its modernity you will find that a large number of hotels and holiday rentals are accessible to travellers who have special requirements. Many of these hotels and resident apartments are very well appointed and geared towards those who have large travel budgets. With a little more researching, all budget sizes are on offer. You can find the best deals by planning your trip in advance to make the most of your Riyadh vacation.