Shenzhen accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

Listed as a UNESCO Creative City, Shenzhen is one of the most populated cities in all of China. It’s located in the Guangdong Province next to Hong Kong. Shenhzen is almost 100 kilometers south of Guangzhou, another large metropolis. Shenzhen is less well-known as a tourist destination for international visitors rather than Chinese visitors for holidays and vacations, but that is changing. And with its size and economic strength it is also becoming increasingly barrier-free, to be more inclusive and accommodating of guests with disabilities.


Getting around Shenzhen with a disability

You can glean a wealth of information about getting around Shenzhen with a disability by consulting the internet, guide books and the tourist bureau in advance to get the latest updates on accessible transportation with Shenzhen as well as from the airport into the city. Make sure that before your trip you have packed all the necessary equipment for easy maneuverability including wheelchairs, cane, scooters etc. Taking spare parts for emergency repairs is also a word to the wise to make the most of your holiday in Shenzhen for those in a wheelchair or having other mobility needs.


Find the best accommodation in Shenzhen when traveling with reduced mobility.


You can find great hotels and apartments in Shenzhen that offer accommodations to those with a disability. Many of the hotels of one star and up provide wheelchair service to their customers. Call ahead to ensure that the accommodation of your choice can meet your specific requirements. You will enjoy a large selection of holiday rentals in Shenzhen that fit every budget, whether you are travelling alone or with a large group.