Accessible Holiday Rentals Taipei

For a great holiday in Taipei

Accessible holiday rentals Taipei – is a cool town. In fact some people say that it is Asia’s answer to Portland, Oregon. Regardless of what ‘some people’ say there are a number of delightful reasons to visit this sprawling capital of Taiwan which is a progressive metropolis with Japanese influences, bustling shopping districts and contemporary buildings. The crowning achievement of the Taipei City skyline is the over 500 meters tall, bamboo design Taipei skyscraper which features a zippy rapid elevator to the observatory near the top. Taipei is also renowned for its delectable street food and numerous night markets that keep folks occupied into the wee hours of the night.

Getting around Taipei City with a disability

In Taiwan there is a strong advocacy group that works relentlessly for the rights of people with disabilities. The result is more and more public transportation that meets the needs of travellers with limited mobility for improved access. You can take advantage of excellent buses and other modes of transportation. Find which public transportation lines meet accessibility requirements online or through the tourist bureau.

Getting great access friendly accommodations in Taipei City

The aforementioned group also works to make sure that suitable accommodations that are accessible, so that people with limited mobility can find enjoyable accommodations whilst on holiday. It is important to call ahead of your holiday to ensure that the apartment, hotel or residence you plan on staying in matches your requirements.