Toyko accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Tokyo

Tokyo is the magnificent capital of Japan. Home to literally millions of people in the city centre alone, Tokyo is where east meets west. You will see the neon lit billboards and cutting edge tech companies peddling their globally in-demand wares alongside ancient shrines and temples. Cherry Blossoms shedding softly their petals counterpoints the standstill of traffic with its honking horn soundtrack. Tokyo is opulent and vibrant and at the forefront of progress on a large scale. You will sample world class cuisine, see tomorrow’s trends in the Shibuya and Harajuku districts and hear some of the poppiest of pop music on the planet.

How to get around Tokyo with a disability

You can access the metros which are equipped with lifts in most of the stations, as well as ask transportation staff to help you navigate your way around. Unfortunately the streets and sidewalks of Tokyo are so jam-packed that it is difficult to manoeuvre easily. If budget allows, it is worthwhile to hire assistance in getting around Tokyo to best enjoy it if you are using a wheelchair or have a disability.

The best accessible accommodations in Tokyo

Many 4 and 5 star hotels offer at least a few rooms in their facilities which are all access. These are usually called ‘Universal’ rooms, indicating that they are universally accessible to everyone, no matter the restriction. Japan features a very modern approach to providing facilities to those who are visually impaired in the form of raised dots and lines within the metro and on the streets. Even some Yen bills are raised so those who require it can tell the denomination of their bill. We’re waiting for the rest of the world to pick up on this smart implementation.