Valletta accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Valletta

Having a physical disability should not at all deter you from traveling to the places around the globe that your heart most desires. At the same time, it is understandable that you have concerns about accessibility, particularly when it comes to lodging opportunities. It is simply difficult to know which hotels and apartments in a particular destination are suitable to your unique needs. This does not have to be an issue any longer, however, as there is a vacation rental booking site devoted to the promotion of disabled holidays around the world.

Handiscover, a Swedish based company, offers numerous types of accessibility accommodation in countless places around Europe and beyond. For your next trip, consider Valletta. This is the capital city of Malta, which is simply one of the most gorgeous and historic of countries in Europe. Visitors will see a walled city that is over 500 years old, and will be able to view ancient cathedrals, museums, and grand palaces. Even if you are in a wheelchair, this city is accessible to you and your loved ones.

Planning a trip to Valletta has never been as easy for the disabled traveler as it is today with Handiscover. Offering access to a variety of hotels and apartments, you will find something that suits you in a location that will allow you to relax, enjoy your surroundings, and get as much or as little sightseeing in as you desire. Handiscover began in Sweden, but is soon to be opening offices in Nordic and the United Kingdom. They also offer booking options for accessible properties throughout the world.

Begin the planning process today and turn that dream of visiting Malta into a reality. All that will be left after you make the reservation is the act of packing your bags. Enjoy your journey to Valletta!