Marrakech accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Marrakech

The third largest city (after Casablanca and Rabat) in Morocco is Marrakech. Accessible holiday rentals Marrakech is located adjacent to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Not more than a few hours from the snow-capped peaks is the Sahara Desert. With such distinctive and varying climates Marrakech is an attractive destination for travellers from around the world. Marrakech is world renowned for its old town, called the Medina. It is the Medina that we tend to think of when we think of Marrakech: winding passageways filled with exotic scents, sellers peddling all types of goods, and the melody of the snake charmer encouraging its coiled subject into a hypnotic state of dance-y hypnosis. Character abounds in the Medina. Because you can’t have an old town without a qualifying new one as well, Marrakech also features a modern and western district called Gueliz (or Ville Nouvelle) that is complete with fast food chains, franchised hotels and stores.

Getting around with a disability in Marrakech

It is possible to travel easily and conveniently by hiring a taxi or private car service if you are a visitor with a disability or have a visual or hearing impairment. You will find the modern district has streets and sidewalks that have more ramps. It is also possible to use a wheelchair to get around the Medina.

Getting the best accommodation in Marrakech with a disability

If you prefer staying in the old town, you can find hotels and apartments that are located on the ground floor. Many vacation rentals offer facilities and access to those travellers with a disability.