New York accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in New York

Who has not wanted to visit Accessible holiday rentals New York City at least once in their lives? Arguably the greatest city on Earth, New York City has made itself a perfect destination for those travelling or living with disabilities. You will enjoy a wide array of hotels as well as short term and long term rentals in New York City that are perfect for travelers with disabilities. Enjoy world-class cuisine, museums, parks and other attractions in this spectacular city at any time of the year for a wonderful vacation experience.

Getting around New York City with a disability

There are many services and facilities to make getting around convenient and fast in NYC. Of course there are cabs everywhere you turn, many of which are wheelchair friendly. The metro system has elevators and ramps that can accommodate of types of disabled users.

Where to stay in New York City that offers great access

You can find many accommodations in the city that will meet your needs. Being such a well-traveled metropolis, there are hotels, rentals and apartments, in each of the five boroughs, which will meet your requirements. New York City is at the forefront of assisting travelers with impairments or special needs.

Enjoy the best of New York City with restricted mobility

Want to go down to Tribeca and enjoy the boutiques and then visit Wall Street? How about ambling past the Broadway theaters and appreciating the magnificence of Times Square? Whatever your needs are, you will find what you are looking for in the wondrous and wonderful place that is New York City, no matter what your age, interest, or level of mobility