Poznan accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

A beautiful town in Poland, Poznan is an unexpected delight for all who visit. Poznan filled with museums, art galleries, and theaters. The city is a perfect spot for art lovers. With most activities being wheelchair accessible, almost everyone can have fun in Poznan. Poznan boasts some of the very best vacation rentals including hotels, self catering apartments, and cottages.



Address:ul. Wroniecka 6, 61-763 Poznan
Website: Click here

This art gallery is full of neon paintings, and black lighting. Step into a world filled with bright colors and patterns,simply put on a pair of 3D glasses . While you look at these creative painting, you will hear about Polish legends that show in the art.

Palm House

Address:Palmiarnia Poznańska ul. Matejki 18, 60-767 Poznań
Website: Click here

The Palm House is home to a variety of tropical plants and goldfish. You can view spectacular greenhouses that are home to plants from all corners of the world. In the greenhouses are also exotic animals, like snakes and iguanas

Zoo Poznan

Address:Krańcowa 81; 61-048 Poznan, Poland
Website:Click here

The accessible New Zoo shows animals in their natural habits, instead of the usual cages. You can ride the mini-railway, and see the Elephant house. Every animal lover would love to see the 140 species of different animals. The most parts of the  zoo is wheelchair friendly.


There is an abundance of accessible accommodations for every budget and mood, from luxury hotels to down to earth cottages and self catering apartments! Take a look at our wheelchair friendly vacation rentals to get started on your search for the perfect disabled holidays in the accessible Poznan!

Handiscover will help you make all the necessary arrangements to find accessible accommodations no matter your disability. Our website offers three accessibility options to choose from. You select your option, and a list of accommodations appears that provide what you need. On our website you can find numerous holiday rentals that feature high accessibility. Hence our lodgings have ramps at the entrance for wheelchairs as well as disabled-accessible rooms with roll-in- showers, grab bars, hoists or step free access. Select from the list and have relaxing disabled holidays!


Wheelchair friendly Trams and Buses are easy to access and run almost every ten minutes. You can purchases tickets at nearly every bus stop and tram station. Taxis are also available for your convenience. No matter how you choose to get around, Poznan is sure to be enjoyable