Seated on Peru’s Pacific coast is Lima, the country’s capital. In the city center lies the colonial area which to this day remains well preserved. Around it is a busy metropolis that also is considered one of South America’s biggest cities. It is a traveler’s paradise, replete with great cuisine and landmark architecture. In addition Lima nestles several stocked museums, representing many of the continent’s most valued artifacts and treasures, which dutifully trace the history of Peru’s ancient civilizations.
Dream your perfect disabled holidays; enjoy outstanding panoramic views from luxury hotels, with excellent service and wheelchair friendly amenities self-catering apartments with lavish décors or homey cottages … and dream it all here in the accessible Lima.


Magic Water Circuit

Address:Puerta 5, Parque de la Reserva, Av. Petit Thouars, Lima 15046, Peru
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Spend the most magnificent night out in the Parque de la Reserva, The Park displays 13 distinct fountains that are lit up at night. The Magic Water Circuit has the Guinness Book record for the largest fountain complex in the world. The interactive fountains provide hours of fun for the entire family.

Central Restaurante

Address:Santa Isabel 376 Miraflores Lima, Peru, Peru
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Central Restaurant has been awarded for the third year in row to be the best restaurant in Latin America. Central takes its customers on a dazzling culinary journey through Peru. Chef Virgilio Martinez reinvents Andean cuisine. Dinner starts with ingredients from 20 meters below the sea level and travels up into the mountains at 4,100 meters.

Larco Museum

Address: Av. Simón Bolivar 1515, Pueblo Libre 15084, Peru
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Experience ancient Peru at the Larco Museum. In an 18th-century former mansion the museum displays a varied collection of 3,000 years of ceramic with over 50,000 pots. In addition it displays textile as well as gold and other precious metal artifacts.The museum is fully wheelchair accessible.


Need an escape to recharge your batteries? Enjoy the relaxation and Lima’s panoramic views in some of the more captivating hotels, apartments or cottages. You can find great accommodation rentals nestled in the beautiful and accessible Lima. On our website you will find vacation rentals with in-room accessibility such as widened doorways for wheelchairs, roll in showers or grab bars in bathtubs, hoists, step free access and many other features.
There are quite a few hotels that ensures travelers with a disability that they will find facilities that meet their requirements. You will also find apartments and cottages offering long and short term rentals that will enable travelers with a disability visiting Lima to make the most of their disabled holidays. It is possible to find many hotels and accommodations that have lifts installed, as well as ramps in addition to steps. Choose the desired holiday rentals early in order to ensure you get the best selection.


Getting around Lima with a disability
Lima has a good network of services which aid travelers with disabilities or are using a wheelchair. In order to make the most of your Peruvian holiday it is a smart idea to visit these sources online and see how they can best serve your needs for getting around Lima with a disability.