For a great holiday in Blackpool

Visit one of the most popular and exciting destinations in the UK, Blackpool! Filled with dozens of attractions and cultural gems, Blackpool can be enjoyed by all adventurers, regardless of your age or mobility requirements.

However, when it comes to accessible accommodation, it’s important to know exactly how accessible the place actually is. Hotels and apartment rentals can be vague when describing the accessibility of their rooms.

With a range of accessible accommodations available on our website, Handiscover provides confidence and clarity in knowing exactly what you are getting in terms of accessibility. Check out our Blackpool listings on the website now and book in confidence! 


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What to Discover in Blackpool

To save you the effort we have compiled a list of wheelchair accessible attractions that we think will give you the best impression of the lovely city of Blackpool. 



Blackpool Beach and Pier




Blackpool Horizon




Accessible Accommodations in Blackpool

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, check out Handiscover’s range of fully accessible accommodations and be confident in knowing your accommodation fully satisfies your mobility needs.  We have already classified our accommodations into the below three categories:

All you need to do is choose the accommodation that best suits your mobility.  We guarantee that each of our accommodations have the features you need to enjoy your vacation!  Check out Handiscover’s wide variety of accessible accommodations in Blackpool now and travel with comfort and peace of mind!



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