Cape Town accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

Accessible Holiday Rentals Cape Town are easy to find with Handiscover. Our goal is to help you have the holiday you want with the least amount of stress. Cape Town South Africa is the most popular tourist destinations in all Africa. There are various attractions in the city. Visit mountains, harbors, and gardens in the city. A variety of beaches are available. Each beach offers its own style. Handiscover will help you find the perfect lodging while on holiday.

Accessible Destinations in Cape Town

The bus features an extending ramp and wheelchair space on its lower deck. Enjoy the beauty and cultural destinations in the city. Offers day tours around the peninsula. The easiest way to tour the city. Highly recommended by those who have used it.


The Planetarium offers special wheelchair space while you stargaze. Next, a tour of the museum will bring history to life. Ramps with handrails, lifts, and plenty of accessible restrooms are available. Those with a disability will move around with ease. You don’t have to miss out because of your disability.


Designed for the comfort of all disabled persons. Accessibility is not an issue when visiting the centre. There is something for every taste. A variety of shows and events are offered at the centre.Young and old alike will enjoy the variety of shows.

Accessible Holiday Rentals Cape Town

Accessible holiday rentals Cape Town are just a click away. Handiscover will help you find the accommodations you need. Find detailed descriptions, features, and a list of amenities for each location. Choose from a house, cottage or hotel room. Travel with comfort and ease. It’s like a home away from home when you book through our service. If you need special adaptive tools we can help you find them. Let us help you plan your holiday. Don’t get caught without what you need.


The Cape Town Airport is accessible with its ramps, lifts, and toilets. Airlines will provide help with 48-hour notice. Make sure you call your airline in advance. The airport features plenty of designated parking. Limited Taxi service is available it’s best to use other public transport options. The bus system offers wheelchair access. The public bus is considered the best option in Cape Town for those with a disability. The Metrorail offers accessibility at certain stations. There are options for travel within the city. No need to worry about getting around even in a wheelchair.