Ghent accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

Known for its historical architecture and truly unique shops, Ghent is Just 30 minutes outside of Brussels. Come for the Castle of the Counts and stay for the rich fish stews or waterzooi. Discover Ghent with the help of Handiscover. Book your disabled holidays today to start exploring the lovely and accessible Ghent the way it was meant to be seen.



Address:Gravensteen, Sint-Veerleplein 11, 9000 Gent, België
Website: Click here

Explore this towering castle with a sorted past! Built in the Middle Ages, this Castle of the Counts was once used as a prison, a courthouse, and even as a factory.

Museum of Fine Arts Ghent

Address:Fernand Scribedreef 1, Fernand Scribedreef 1, Citadelpark, 9000 Gent
Website: Click here
Housing works of art from the Middle Ages up to the mid-20th century, this museum focuses on Flemish Art and also temporary collections. Both the Old Masters and modern artistic marvels coexist here to delight all art lovers.

The Wonderous Shops of Ghent

Ghent offers a truly unique shopping experience with its small boutiques with upscale to unusual wares. Explore such unique offerings as florist shop where you can get ice cream made from flowers and a shop that sells vintage wallpaper from the last 5 decades or so.


Stay in this small and beautiful town when you book with Handiscover. Explore our holiday rentals to get just the right place for you, your family and traveling companions. We have options right in the heart of the city to make getting around even easier and allow you to experience the city more as a local than as a tourist!
Stunning landscapes, luxurious hotels, self-catering apartments and cozy cottages all contribute to the exquisite charm of the accessible Ghent.  We have lots of accessible accommodations to choose from – everything from one bedroom apartments with stunning views to large family cottages, or down town hotels. If you have dates in mind for your holiday to the accessible Ghent try the search facility .Start by selecting the level of accessibility you require. Our vacation rentals are wheelchair-friendly featuring numerous amenities such as disabled accessible bathrooms with roll-in showers, hoists, step free access and many more. Then, choose from the list of available holiday rentals in the accessible Ghent. Finally, book your accessible accommodations and start planning relaxing disabled holidays!


Taking a train to and around Ghent is one of your best options with proper planning. First, call 24hrs in advance to ask for ramp assistance. Since, Europe’s trains vary widely in construction, a ramp is a good idea with nearly every type of train. Getting around the city is made easier because things are fairly close together. Need more information on wheelchair accessible vehicles, drivers and other services? Ask Handiscover for availability when you book!