Enjoy our favourite European Accessible city

Even with limited mobility you can enjoy the Canaries! Those islands are just a wonderful place not far away from continental Europe and with an amazing dry climate that makes wonders for both traditional travellers or those in need of rehab. At Handiscover, accessible Canary Islands, we really try to offer new exciting genuine places to stay at, adapted to you mobility needs.

Accessibility in the cities is generally good with lots of nice beach front promenade stroke.

Getting there

There is a wide choice of traditional or low cost airlines heading from Europe to the Canaries. In just 4-6 hours you are getting to these wonderful islands with their wonderful warm and dry climate that is so nice for the whole family. All the airports we have experienced there are both modern, effective and nice size, avoiding you the long walks you normally have to cope with nowadays in most European airports.

Spaniards are super welcoming and helpful. If you need wheelchair assistance, that has always really worked super easily for us.

Moving around

Rental cars: In Tenerife which one of the most visited islands you will find 2 companies renting accessible vehicles, Rent-a-car Hermanns in Los Cristianos and Canary Island Car with several offices around the island.
Buses in Santa Cruz: The Titsa buses provide low-floor and kneeling buses with either continuous floors and/or electric ramps. they also have some buses with hydraulic wheelchair lifts. Also note that the three sightseeing bus companies in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, are all accessible.
Taxis: find enclosed a link to different taxi companies with accessible transportation.

What to do in the Canaries?

Here is a great link with activities: Holiday in the Canaries