Finally our family managed to prioritise a day on the Loire valley and its beautiful accessible castles on our way to the southwest of France


The Loire valley is one of France most beautiful regions, home of Francois 1ers marvellous Chambord which most of you will have seen in historical French movies. It is so perfect and beautiful that it almost looks like a Hollywood mock-up!

From an accessibility point of view, there are many accessible parking slots and no major difficulties to approach the castle or one of its many nice bars and restaurants, which provide high quality food, most of it from local producers. So nice to visit such a touristic attraction without being much exposed to bad and expensive food and drinks.

The castle access was fine and you normally have free entry if you are a wheelchair user. Thanks to a ramp on the left side of the main building you can reach the ground floor; otherwise you will have to walk up a few steps.

On that floor you will find the beautiful and famous double-entry staircase that was according to the saying inspired to Francois 1er (Francis 1) by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Unfortunately, due to lack of lift, you cannot explore the chateau further unless you can walk up the long staircases to the 1st and a2nd floor.

The ground floor is however the most exciting one, and just don’t miss the great film describing the whole history of Chambord form being a mosquito heavy wet-land to this now beautiful chateau that was so appreciated by most of France’s kings like Louis XIV.