Travelling is a fun and extraordinary hobby that allows anyone to explore beyond their home and see the wonders of the world. Christmas gift ideas for disabled travellers include both travel specific gadgets and tools, as well as mobility and accessibility tools that can help make their next trip even more enjoyable. This list provides both accessibility tools and travel tools, from a travel seat and hoist to packing gear and comfort items. No matter their need, this list has something useful for every traveller.



The first gift on this list is a must for any wheelchair user or anyone that needs a seated transfer while travelling. The easyTravelseat is a fabric seat that you sit on during your day that offers the transfer handles, similar to other transfer equipment, within easy reach. This provides your transfer equipment at the ready, eliminating the need to locate an airport transfer equipment resource. Using an easyTravelseat provides wheelchair users with the ability to be transferred by hand or with a lift without needing to be physically touched to install a transfer sling. You can put your wheelchair cushion in the sling and use the easyTravelseat throughout your travel day.


Packing Cubes

Being a good traveller starts with being a good packer, and everyone knows that packing is a puzzle in itself. A great traveller gift to give is packing cubes, which are organisation pouches that make it even easier to keep a suitcase or duffle bag organised. Packing cubes come in two varieties; standard, which are easy to use compartments, or compression, which squish down so you can fit more in your suitcase. A great brand is Eagle Creek, offering both packing cube varieties in a range of colours. These are a useful gift for disabled travellers because they can help keep things separate in a carry-on or in a suitcase and make it easy to grab specific things from a bag without having to unpack the whole thing.


Cord Storage Organizer

Travelling with technology means travelling with charging cables, headphones, backup batteries, and outlet bricks. Gifting something to help your traveller stay organised and keep everything in one place will make the next trip that much easier. A cable cord storage organiser can be a great gift for anyone, as it is a place to keep all your chargers as well as some devices in one place. This one by Dot & Dot has a smart fabric exterior with a simple strap closure. Inside, there are elastic straps to hold folded cables and a space for a tablet, along with small pockets for memory cards. There’s even a pocket for a battery charger that can be used while stored in the organiser, making it even easier to charge on the go.


Travel backpack

No matter where you’re headed, any traveller needs to pack and having a spare travel backpack is always useful. A travel backpack makes a great gift, especially those that go into a stuff sack or pack into a small cube because they’re lightweight, easy to carry, and offer plenty of storage. Having a small backpack that stores in itself can be great for a carry-on on the plane, as you can stuff it away during the flight, or use it as a back up bag just in case you shop on the trip. This travel backpack by ZOMAKE folds into its own travel case, has interior and exterior pockets along with two side compartments, and comes in a wide range of colours.


Travel pillow

Travel pillows are great gifts because they’re a must when it comes to air travel, but it can be expensive to find one that has a small profile and is easy to travel with. The Trtl Pillow is a fleece neck wrap pillow that sits between your chin and your shoulder. Users secure it around their neck and the support allows them to tilt their head for easy rest. The small, folding profile makes it easy to travel with and the design gives comfortable support no matter how you’re travelling. This is great for not only air travel, but also resting in the car or waiting at a terminal.


Infinity pillow

A great, more traditional travel pillow option is an infinity pillow. This is a circular tube-shaped pillow that provides comfort in several positions. The infinity design makes it easy to wear around your neck to provide neck support or added warmth. The shape also makes it great for window sleeping, leaning forward to rest, or as a noise cancelling option around the wearer’s head. This specific model by Huzi rolls into a compact cylinder and secures with a velcro strap, keeping it within reach in a carry-on without taking up too much room.


Travel blanket

To go along with a travel pillow, a travel blanket is a great traveller gift as you never know when you can use an extra layer, either while travelling or at your destination. A travel blanket is well worth the extra cost, as it isn’t just a small blanket but a reliable tool in any traveller’s kit. A luxury option is the NanoLoft Travel Blanket by Rumpl. This blanket is the perfect size for covering up in a seat or as an extra layer in a bed. The material is designed to be lightweight while being warm, and fits into a small cylinder stuff sack to save space in a carry-on.


Travel size bed lever

When travelling, it’s nice to be able to bring comforts of home, and disabled travellers may find that having a bed lever helps when getting in and out of hotel beds. Finding a bed lever that fits into a suitcase isn’t always easy, but the Stander BedCane is adjustable and fits under the mattress for easy installation. The bed lever has two pieces, a flat board for under the mattress and the cane portion that works as a handle and lever. Being able to break things down makes them easy to store in a rolling suitcase or carry-on if needed.


Portable lift hoist

Lastly is a unique gift, a portable lift hoist. The Molift Smart 150 is designed to be portable and travel friendly, with an easy fold design. This model is not only great for travel, but also home use, so you can travel with your go-to hoist. The structure is narrow, so it can fit into small spaces and the folding storage option doesn’t require any tools, making it easy to use outside of the home. There’s also a travel bag and even a travel suitcase option to add to keep the hoist safe during rigorous travel.


Choosing a gift for the traveller in your life is pretty simple when you think about the basics: the gift must be functional, durable, and worth the space it takes up in a carry-on or suitcase. These gifts are a great start for any disabled traveller on your list. Most of these gifts can be used at any time, not just while travelling, so they’re a solid gift option no matter how often they travel.


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About the Author:

Cory Lee is a wheelchair user, travel addict, and accessible travel writer. On his blog, Curb Free with Cory Lee, he hopes to inspire others to roll out of their comfort zones and see all the beauty our world has to offer.