Funka för Livet – Disability Fair in Sweden

Great 2 day gathering at the Funka för Livet disability fair in Växjö, Sweden.

So nice to meet so many people not letting their disability get in the way to live life to the full.

Exciting to see so many new equipment being developed, from cool customised cars by AutoAdapt, to run bicycles and electrotherapi with Mollii.

Mollii is an electro dress, check this:

Our Swedish disability Icon Aron Andersson had a wonderful, motivating and impressive presentation of his latest adventures, like skiing the Vasaloppet (90km skiing on his knees), climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro with his wheelchair and crossing Ålands Hav (channel between Sweden and Åland) a 37km swim in 12 degrees water… No comments needed!

And our friends from Allakan har a greta sport area to test fun activities like wheelchair basket.
Great 2 days! Thanks @funkaforlivet for a nice fair

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