France has some of the best beach access for people with physical disabilities, with its HANDIPLAGE concept.

Hendaye in the French Basque country is just at the frontier to Spain. The city is extremely accessible with a super nice harbour and beachfront.
Most impressive though for us was to discover the Handiplage concept that is spread to many cities in France.

Here in Hendaye it implies a “protected” parking with lots of broad accessible parking lot, ramps all the way to the sea but also possibly to use Handiplage beach wheelchairs for free. You can even stay in the shade thanks to Handiplage tents and use the accessible toilets etc. They even have 2 assistants there to help you at any moment from 11am-7pm!

Discover the accessible French Basque country any time you want to combine French food, culture and beach life adapted to your level of mobility. We have never felt so welcome with a wheelchair on the beach!