Handiscover at STHLM TECH FEST 2016

Handiscover at STHLM TECH FEST 2016


Handiscover Sthlm Tech Fest

We at Handiscover had two great days at STHLM TECH FEST. It included meetings with investors and other inspiring entrepreneurs.

Handiscover Sthlm Tech Fest - Goat

We had the opportunity meet the founder of Arifarm, buy a goat and use their app and help improve life of farmers in Somalia. As you can see Romina was very happy to meet Mohamed Jimale. We really love meeting social start ups.


Handiscover - Telia

Telia spent som time interviewing Sebastien, the founder of Handiscover.


Here is a film made by Daphni and it’s about about STHLM Tech Fest, presenting Sthlm and some start-ups. You can find us, Sebastien presenting Handiscover.


We thank Tyler for a great event, Stockholm Tech Fest see you soon!

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