Always a pleasure to come back to Paris to visit family, friends, doctors and business partners.

Paris being one of the most visited cities in the world we really want to have a nice offer of accommodations there, but it is very challenging to find really accessible ones apart from expensive hotels. So if you have some good tips, please contact us.

We came to Paris via Orly airport this time and that works fine too for wheelchair users. We had assistance waiting for us and easily found transport to town.

We enjoyed visiting the Louvre where we were treated so well, getting help everywhere and getting 1st line access to Mona Lisa (Joconde) for example. The Louvre has an accessible parking in the basement and you can take a lift right into the museum, super handy. There you can enjoy, art, culture, shopping in the mall with lots of restaurants inside or outside the Louvre.

As usual we prioritised using the Bus as it works really well with the wheelchair and takes you fast between the different museums and parks. The weather was sunny and warm so we enjoyed several times nice lunch in a park like Les Tuileries or Luxembourg, eating a nice sandwich.

If you have time try to take a day trip to Versailles which is just fantastic, both the park and the castle. Employees came to meet us spontaneously as we were standing in the queue in order to take us to the separate entry with lift they have for wheelchair users. What a good and positive surprise, discovering the hidden corridors of the royalties!

Some good transport solutions in Paris

Public transport from Orly:

Take firth the Orlyval (free) to the RER B station of Antony. Just make sure the station you aim at is accessible, as not all RER stations are! Here is the link to use to control your station accessibility:

The AirFrance Coach buses have space for 1 wheelchair user at a time and have a lift to take you in. The bus takes you to different parts of Paris ( and are quite worthy to use budget wise if your are 1 or 2 travelling.

Taxi G7 Horizon (+33 (0)1 47 39 00 91)
Taxi PMR Parisien (+33 (0) 6 14 67 75 02)

Check this link from Parisinfo for great update on accessibility.