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A Wheelchair Accessible Guide to The Châteaux of the Loire Valley, France

Wheelchair Accessible Châteaux of the Loire Valley

Relive the time of Louis XIV and François I by visiting the wheelchair accessible Châteaux of the Loire Valley. Visiting old buildings can be difficult in a wheelchair, most castles are now equipped with modern facilities that can accommodate people with reduced mobility. However, it is important to plan your trip well in advance to ensure that there will not be any unpleasant surprises. Here is our selection of Loire Valley castles not to be missed which are accessible to people with reduced mobility.


Château de Chambord

Built in the 16th century, the Château de Chambord is a must-see in the Loire Valley. It is the castle with the largest area and also the most visited in the region. Despite its period architecture, Chambord does everything to welcome all visitors regardless of mobility levels. The ground floor of the castle is fully accessible and equipped with access ramps. The building also has accessible toilets and access to the audiovisual room. Visitors with disabilities benefit from free entry to the castle and to visit the gardens as well as a guide.


Wheelchair Accessible Châteaux Loire Valley
Wheelchair Accessible Châteaux Loire Valley


The castle garden alone is worth the visit. Renovation work on an unprecedented scale in France was carried out in 2016 over 600 trees and more than 15,000 plants were planted around Chambord as well as a total of 19,000 m² of lawn were laid. To accompany you on your visit, Chambord offers these visitors with reduced mobility the loan of canes, seats and wheelchairs. Electric cart rental is also available. You can also request an adapted guided tour by reservation, more information on their website by clicking here.


Chateau de Villandry and Its Beautiful Gardens

Just a few kilometres from Tours, the wheelchair accessible Château de Villandry of the Loire Valley is an unmissable stop during your stay in the Loire Valley. Villandry is labelled Tourism & Handicap, therefore has a lot to offer its visitors with reduced mobility. The Garden offers a long route of about 1.5 km with only a few drops to avoid all the stairs of the shorter route. A wheelchair adapted trail is also available. The visit to the castle is only accessible on the ground floor, however, an 18-minute film is shown to discover the upper rooms. For any special request, you can contact them on +33 (0) 247500209 or by email at


The Fairy-Tale Gardens of the Château du Rivau

The wheelchair accessible Château du Rivau of the Loire Valley makes accessibility one of its priorities, also labelled Tourism & Handicap. They offer guided tours in sign language for visitors with hearing disabilities and audio guides for people with visual disabilities. As for wheelchair accessibility, the gardens have a concrete path around the vegetable garden and the outbuildings, which is quite rare in the region. Access to the castle requires a reservation in advance as an elevator is available in the areas only available to staff. You can easily visit the 15 gardens of the Château du Rivau, which change all year round depending on the season. The gardens also have two conservatories housing more than 450 varieties of Roses and 50 varieties of squash.


Château de Chinon

Located on a rocky outcrop above the city and the Vienne, the fortress of Chinon takes you back to the times of the Middle Ages. Visit the town of Chinon and survey its heights to visit its fortress. Accessible guided tours are available which are conducted exclusively outdoors and on one level. Canes seats are also available at the reception of the monument. As for blind or visually impaired visitors, tactile models are available in the gardens and inside the castle.


Accessible Accommodations

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