EasyJet Airline

EasyJet Airline is a British low cost airline carrier based at London Luton Airport. It is Europe’s leading airline and it operates domestic and international flights on 820 routes across more than 30 countries. It is the largest airline of the United Kingdom by number of passengers carried; more than 70 million passengers a year. The most popular EasyJet flight routes are from London to Paris, Milan, Berlin, Nice or Amsterdam.

EasyJet currently uses a fleet of over 250 Airbus and Boeing aircrafts for domestic and international flights. They employ more than 10,000 people including more than 2,300 pilots and 5,000 cabin crew members.

EasyJet is committed to ensuring access to all its passengers and is striving to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. When you book your flight, you will be asked to give a 48 hours’ notice to enable the airline to organise the additional services required.

Carriage of Special Medical Items

Passengers are allowed to carry different medical equipment and/or up to 2 pieces of mobility equipment as a Hand or a Hold Baggage while oversized equipment will need to be carried in the aircraft hold. This type of equipment will be carried free of charge in addition to the standard baggage allowance.

In case you need to carry medication, such as controlled drugs or injectable supplies make sure you have an official document stating this. A letter or a prescription from your treating doctor stating the details of the drugs and their intended use would be sufficient.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment

EasyJet can assist persons using wheelchairs, passengers that are not able to walk or climb the aircraft steps unaided.

In case you require a wheelchairs or a mobility item that cannot be lifted manually into the aircraft hold it will be accepted only if both the arrival and departure airports can provide the necessary facilities to load and unload them. Make sure you check this with the EasyJet Customer Service Team at least 48 hours prior to your departure. Two items of mobility equipment are carried for free for each passenger requesting it.

Guide and assistance dogs

EasyJet also accepts a Guide or Assistance Dog accompanying blind or vision impaired individuals that will be carried free of charge. There are however a few exceptions when a guide or assistance dogs will not be permitted to travel; this is on flights that have as departure or arrival point Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Kosovo, Turkey or Jordan.