Ryanair is Europe’s preferred airline, carrying 117 million passengers annually. Ryanair has grown into Europe’s biggest airline by passengers flown, having more than 1,800 daily flights from 84 bases, and connecting over 200 destinations in 33 countries. The most popular destinations for the Irish airline are Spain, Italy and UK.
The bargain base prices, a remarkable network of European airports and an impressive fleet of over 350 Boeing 737 aircrafts have sealed Ryanair’s position as one of the most popular low-cost airlines.

All special assistance requests can be pre-booked on Ryanair’s website up to 48 hours before the flight or up to 12 hours prior to the flight departure by contacting the Ryanair Special Assistance Line.
Ryanair provides different assistance types depending on a passenger’s needs and requirements. In case a traveler is not self-reliant he/she will be required to travel with an accompanying passenger.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment

A traveler will be allowed to bring his own electric wheelchair or mobility scooter but they will not be allowed in the aircraft cabin. There are on-board aisle chairs available to help passengers with reduced mobility move about the cabin and to the toilets while the crew members are trained to provide assistance to reduced mobility passengers.

Guide and assistance dogs

For the visual impaired passengers a guide/assistance dogs will be accepted on a all domestic and intra EU/EEA flights; however the dog will be required to wear a standard identifying jacket or harness and will have to sit on the floor at the traveler’s feet. Guide/Assistance dogs are not accepted on flights to or from Morocco.

Booking Therapeutic Oxygen

In case you require therapeutic oxygen during the flight you should know that a reservation needs to be made 7 days prior to travel. Following this notification a medic al clearance form needs to be filled in and returned to Ryanair between 14 up to 2 days prior to the flight.