Inspire holidays with Handiscover

Venturing abroad

First of all, travel abroad should not be out of the question for people with mobility issues. You may feel is a mile or so too far for you to feel comfortable. However, imagine the sights and sounds you are missing. You can inspire holidays of lasting memory. You just need to step a little outside where you have travelled before. It will be worth it.
So, with the thought of travel abroad comfortable in your mind – what should you do to get yourself ready for your travels?

Venturing abroad

If you love Keycamp, then you will love our camping opportunities. You can come and go as you please. You can leave when you want and eat when you want. This is the perfect way to spend a simple time away with your family.
If you like the idea of the beach, no problem. We offer great beachside holidays for the family. You can organise a flight, the hotel and maybe even car hire. There will be a pool for the kids. You can sit and drink cocktails by the bar. We take the ebst of Inspire Holidays and Keycamp Holidays for the best accessible vacations ever. Furthermore, just like Inspire Holidays, you can book all-inclusive or self-catering. What more could you want from your holiday?

Getting yourself prepared

With the holiday booked, you just need to get yourself packed and ready to go. You will need to pack a suitcase, get your money and pick up your sun cream. Or, you may need to buy your camping gear and think about the weather a little more if heading to a camp site. Therefore, how much you have to prepare will depend on the type of holiday you have chosen.
The best piece of advice: write a list and start preparations early. Starting to prepare sooner rather than later will also help build the excitement!
Finally, be sure to check the government website for travel advice. You can never be too careful. So, check our safety announcements and comments on what health issues there might. Most of all, have fun and inspire holiday memories.