Travel Tips- Transportation

Handiscover provides the following information to facilitate your travel. We do not make the arrangements for travel but provide you with information to help with your planning. The three airports below have accessible transport to and from the airport. These airports may or may not be representative of what you will find. Advance research on the individual airport’s accessibility options can prevent aggravation. Must book in advance to make arrangments needed.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

Public transport in Stockholm is accessible to most people.
Accessible Metro stations: Trains and the platforms are at the same level at nearly all of the 100 stations. All buses have floor level access when traveling in urban and suburban areas. All buses have ramps, wheelchairs or a walker (frame device) easily can get on and off. There are digital information displays on all public transportation lines and bus terminals.
You can book guiding assistance at:
Metro stations
Most commuter rail stations
Larger bus terminals.

Barcelona, El Prat Airport, Spain

Quality, Safety, Accessibility are important ideas promoted each day in providing our guest’s service. Our services include modern vehicles adapted to international standards. Fitted with the latest safety and accessibility devices. A chauffeur, trained to work with wheelchair users is available. With 80 vehicles available in our fleet we can offer a flexible service.

Paris Charles de Gualle Airport, France

Wheelchair accessible transportation options are available to travel from the airports into the city. The least expensive is the RER Inner-urban trains. Reservations are recommended and made via e-mail at The city-operated RoissyBus from CDG is NOT wheelchair accessible. The Les Cars Air France bus offers service from both CDG and ORY to downtown Paris. Not all buses are wheelchair accessible, and you should reserve in advance. A final option is wheelchair accessible taxis from the Taxis G7 Horizon fleet. Fares will vary based upon time of day and traffic.