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“Get inspired to discover an Accessible World”

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“How mobile are you?”

With these icons, Handiscover helps you find accommodations that really suit your needs.

You can walk and can handle going up a few stairs.

The accommodation is not fully accessible, and requires a maximum of 15 steps (1 floor up) to reach it or to manoeuvre within it.

You can only handle one step at a time.

The accommodation is quite accessible but not up to the latest accessibility standards. It can suit for example wheelchair users able to climb a stair/threshold of up to 15 cm (6 inches) at a time. See detailed accessibility description in respective ad to make your decision.

You need a fully accessible accommodation.

The accommodation has accessible bathrooms and toilets, as well as wide door widths. You will not face more than eventual small thresholds of a maximum of 3 cm (1 inch), and the accommodation will accommodate wheelchair users. See detailed accessibility description in respective ad to make your decision.

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Why Handiscover?

Accessible accommodation booking made safe and easy.

Great locations & prices

We’ve searched thousands of accommodations all around the world to find the best adapted ones, to your level of mobility

Accessibility classification

Through careful review of accessibility, we classify each accommodation to secure that you find the perfect place for you to stay

Secure payments

Your money is kept safe by our payment provider. Your money is transferred to your host, 24h after check in, in order to give you time to contact us in case a problem would arise

Customer Service

We are always there for you, 24/7. And we love receiving your feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

How it works

Dream book enjoy

1. Discover an accessible world

Whatever your level of mobility, we have great places to discover, with accommodations adapted to your specific needs. Just decide upon the level of accessibility you require, and start your search.

2. Book your accommodation

Choose your favourite host and connect with them, on the Handiscover accessible platform. Select the Enquiry button to find out more about your dates or if you have a query, or press Book Now if you are ready to go and that choice is available (not all hosts allow that).
Pay through our secure partners.

3. Enjoy your vacation!

Enjoy being in a place that really suits your specific needs, or those of your family and friends.
Help us build our community by sending us feedback on locations and cities you discover.