Båstad accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

This Island located in a sheltered bay. It’s best known for the Swedish Open which happens every year since 1948. Visitors arrive in the tens of thousands to watch Tennis every year.

Things to do

Church of Bastad
This church built during the late 15th century and still holds services. It’s available and accessible for touring. Just plan around the times of August 1 – December 1 when it’s closed for renovations.

Hallands Vadero
In 1958 declared a nature reserve. It’s home to a Beech Forest, unusual fungus and large populations of birds. There is a gorgeous lighthouse located on the island as well. You can explore the island and nature and swim on the beaches. A unique swamp area is available to observe as well. Book ahead of time you can take a boat safari around the island. You will see a seal colony that inhabits the other side of the island.

Brigit Nilsson Museum
Childhood home to one of the best-loved opera singers of modern times. She loved singing and performing on stage and had a wide repertoire. The home maintained with no expense spared as it was the last time she lived in it. Her career began in 1948 and ended in 1984.

Accessible Accommodations

Handiscover will help you find the most suitable accommodations for your type of disability. Take a moment to select the type of accessibility you need. We will provide a list of all accommodations in the area that meet your needs. Vacation with easy and rest assured that your accommodations will be accessible for you. Accessible Holiday Rentals Bastad are just one click away.


Public transportation consists of buses and Trains. The train is easily accessible by wheelchair. Special seating is also available for wheelchairs. Buses come equipped to handle wheelchairs as well. There is no reason you should have any problem traveling in the city.