Miami accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

For a great holiday in Miami

Miami is that Florida city that has attracted the beautiful and talented for decades. Notable for its gorgeous pastel art deco architecture gracing the streets near the beach and the Atlantic, it is also brimming with culture. And not just American culture, for its Cuban culture is also to be appreciated in its neighborhoods and people. Miami is unlike any other city in the country. It is warm and inviting to all who journey there. It’s also full of those in pursuit of the perfect tan and maximizing the enjoyment that life offers.

Take advantage of the best wheelchair-friendly accommodations in Miami

You will find great options when travelling to Miami, no matter what your requirements. Disabled travelers can find many ground level hotels and apartments (both short term and long term rentals) that vary in size and budget. In fact, it is hard to find a hotel in Miami that is not wheelchair or disability friendly!

Getting around Miami with disabilities

From your plane arrival, Miami International Airport is created to make it easy for disabled travelers. There are many disability-friendly unisex bathrooms. They can accommodate both your wheelchair and service animal if necessary. There are even areas for service animals to relieve themselves. Enjoy the offer of using a loaner wheelchair, directly from the plane. It is advisable to make friends with the taxi cab driver who shuttles you to your holiday hotel or apartments, as they can be of service during the totality of your stay.