Nanjing accessible travel guide to disabled friendly holidays

Nanjing is the southern capital of China (Beijing being the northern). It has many historical sites, including the Ming tombs, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. With 5 million people currently residing there, it is an important economic centre, with skyscrapers dominating the impressive skyline, mixing the new with the old.


Getting around Nanjing with a disability

Due to its modernity and size, there are many features for those with a physical disability and other impairments. Public transportation is a varied network that includes ramps, elevators, low flooring on buses and more to assist those in a wheelchair or with other disabilities.


Finding the best accommodations for those with a disability

If you are a traveler who uses a wheelchair, you will discover that a great number of Nanjing hotels, apartments and other types of accommodations, both long and short term, have great offerings for you. If you plan on going to Nanjing, it pays to book early to ensure that you get the best selection. Whether you require something on the ground floor or at the top of a high-rise, Nanjing has a great choice of accommodations for you to choose from.


Enjoy the best Nanjing whether you are traveling solo or with a companion

With so many historic attractions in Nanjing, your itinerary will be brimming with the exploration of a number of amazing sights. While some of these are impossible to navigate in a wheelchair, an impressive number of them are accessible to travellers using a wheelchair.