Paris is maybe not the first city that comes to mind when travelling with limited mobility, but frankly it is not that bad! Wouldn’t it be great to travel to Paris with your love one? We definitely thinks it is worth it! For a romantic trip, don’t miss the quai of the seine with its old book shops. Visit Notre Dame and Le PontNeuf. Show you loved one your passion by attaching a padlock to the bridge

What to do in Paris?

Well that is a question that basically needs no answer! Bars, restaurants, La Seine, hundreds of museums.
Note that all museums we’ve been at or super welcoming to people with limited mobility. You will often be welcomed with VIP treatment, in order to avoid you standing in a long queue, super good surprise really!
You can discover accessible places on our friends websites Wheelmap or french App J’accède App.

Getting there

By plane, we recommend landing at Charles De Gaule (CDG) airport as it offers a wide variety of choices to get into town.
Train (RER) is not recommended if you are in a wheelchair, but otherwise is a cost effective way to get into town.
At CDG you will find lots of Taxi and Uber cars. Note that Uber Assist does not exist yet in Paris, so TaxiG7 is the best alternative if you use a wheelchair. Better book in advance though!
A great cost effective alternative is the Car Air France as they have a lift and space for 1 wheelchair per bus. They will take you to several different destinations spread around Paris.
More official information.

Within Paris

Best in our opinion is to use the Buses. They work normally quite well, and the Parisians are both polite and helpful, giving away their seat to those in need or emptying the space reserved to wheelchairs. Also you will also get help getting into the bus if you need, even with a stroller or a wheelchair. That is the best way to discover Paris!