Heathrow Airport Lounges

At Heathrow Airport, a quiet place to relax is just around the corner. Just reserve one of the Airport’s many lounge rooms. Then, enjoy complimentary snacks, drinks, magazines, and newspapers. The airport offers six different options for lounge reservations.

Terminals 2 and 4

Heathrow Airport offers Plaza Premium lounges.
The lounges include:
Secluded individual rooms for relaxing
Shower rooms
Spa that offers massage services
A variety of tempting fresh foods for every meal.
Full tendered bar that offers snacks and tapas
Area with daybeds for quiet relaxation
Free Wifi, magazines, and newspapers

Terminal 3

the airport offers a variety of different lounge options. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure. These lounges are the perfect way to start any trip.

The Club Aspire lounge offers:
Variety of free foods and drinks
Bliss Spa
Specific zones for business and resting
Complimentary Wi-Fi and charging ports

Number 1 Traveler Bedrooms include:
Twin and Single bedrooms
Perfect for layovers
Open 6:00am until 11:00pm
Some bedrooms offer showers
Minimum stay is 3 hours
Bedrooms are only suitable for passengers with transfers for Terminal 3.

Number 1 Traveler Lounge offers:
Free snacks and beverages
Full bar
Complimentary Wi-Fi, newspapers, and magazines
Cinema and game room
Room for families
View of runway
Travel Spa that offers massage and nail services.
Twin and Single rooms

Terminal 4

Skyteam lounge that will help you feel at home as you begin your trip. This lounge includes:

Tended bar
Free Wi-Fi, magazines, and newspapers
Area designated for business
Area with daybeds suitable for passengers with layovers
Wellness center that offers beauty services
Free food and beverages
Amenities included with price

Terminal 5

The Aspire Lounge. This lounge offers a variety of amenities that are sure to get your trip off to a great start.

Free British-inspired menu
Premium menus are available
Rest Pods- relax, rewind, and recharge in private
Free Wifi and charging ports
Disability access
Air conditioning
Complimentary television, magazines, and newspapers
Wine flights, cocktails, and whiskey
Bliss Spa at Aspire offers facials and nail services