Disabled holidays for the family

Enabling disabled families to discover the World

Handiscover makes the world more accessible as the leading provider of disabled holidays to all corners of the world. Whatever your family is looking for and whatever your level of mobility, Handiscover provide the adventure of a lifetime. Here are some of our great destinations for disabled holidays.

Unlocking destinations

From Amsterdam to Zaragoza and everywhere in between, there is the perfect destination for your disabled holiday with the family. The Handiscover platform allows you to search for fully accessible vacation rentals in a wide range of exciting destinations, including cities, beach resorts and even wild and rustic retreats. Whether you are looking for urban or adventurous, we provide the very best holidays for the disabled traveller.

Inspiring families to travel

Travelling with limited mobility doesn’t have to be difficult. Handiscover lists a wide range of accessible properties across the globe. We collect the best disabled friendly properties in one place. As a result, we are the leading booking channel for disabled holidays because we allow families to experience unforgettable experiences. From stunning Mediterranean villas to countryside retreats, we inspire holidays for the disabled.
Cottages, caravans, cruises, mountain retreats, and 5* hotels, the options are limitless. The world is opening up to the disabled traveller. We inspire holidays that break barriers, broaden horizons and create magical moments.

Choose France for your disabled holidays

We offer fantastic French getaways. Many of our rentals in France boast beach or lake front locations. Furthermore, we offer rentals in holiday parks that provide access to beauty treatments, pretty countryside and great entertainment. They provide the best elements of holiday parks like Keycamp and Haven Holidays. As a result, they are the perfect choice for a family adventure. Both kids and adults will love it! In addition, with fully accessible static caravans, our destinations are perfect for disabled holidays.

Explore the British countryside

Get into the beautiful British countryside with holiday rentals that rival top disabled holiday providers like Haven Holidays. Disabled holidays are simple and straightforward with fully accessible static caravans. Enjoy locations in the UK’s most secluded spots and you will see that disabled holidays for the family are a reality. Therefore with a wide range of locations and activities, our holiday properties are ideal for guests with wheelchairs, guide dogs and other disabilities.

Heading to the Sun- disabled holidays

What makes us the leading booking channel for disabled holidays? What makes us better than First Choice Disabled Holidays, Haven Holidays and Keycamp? Because we offer accessible holidays to Turkey, Greece, Italy and Egypt, not to mention exotic destinations like the Maldives and the Dominican Republic. Most noteworthy are the airport assistance and fully adapted hotel rooms and apartments that you can get to meet your needs. All that you need for your accessible holiday adventure is right here. Consequently, accessing the world’s most beautiful spots has never been easier.

A new approach to family holidays

We believe in a world that adapts around you, not the other way around. Do you use Family Fund for Inspire holidays? Then check out what we have to offer at Handiscover. We have a great range of holiday rentals for the disabled that offer great value for money. Because all our properties are verified for their accessibility, you know your needs are catered to. In conclusion, it is the preferred for disabled travellers who don’t want to compromise.

Your alternative for disabled holidays

Handiscover is your alternative to disabledholidays.com. First of all, you no longer need to rely on established disabled holiday providers for the holiday of your dreams. Because Handiscover provide a wide range of accessible properties for all tastes and budgets. Since we cut out the middle man, you get better vacation rentals at lower prices. Finally, we are your central resource for accessible holidays, whatever your level of mobility. Be free, and choose your own vacation. Therefore, Handiscover is your trusted booking channel for disabled holidays for you and your family.